Friday, 2 January 2015

Savor or Savour?

With the "u", of course, because I'm Canadian, and contrary, and because I like the British spelling

My One Word for 2015: Savour. 

Looking back, my word for 2014 was "play", which I posted, and then that was my last blog post for the year. It has been interesting to observe how the concept of play wove itself into my awareness: to be fair I have done much more work than play, I did not become a play expert!

What I love about One Words is that while I have forgotten pretty well any of my previous "resolutions" through the years, the One Word of the past two years underpinned my focus and provide an intentionality in listening to my heart. And listening for the whisper of God's leading. These threads follow me and remain visible in the warp and woof of my life tapestry: Worthy... Play... and this year, Savour. 

I'm young enough to be healthy and active, old enough to be 'Nan' to our new grandson, young enough to want to grow, and old enough to know that it's the tension between opposites that keeps life interesting.

And so, given that there's already been a fair amount of seasoning in my life (some sweet, some salty, some sour, some bitter, and yes, some savoury), it's time to savour the flavour (unintended rhyme) of my life as it is today. 


  1. Kelly,
    I love your perspective on savor (although I spell it this way!!) and what a lovely word to choose! As the year unfolds I hope you savor all God has for you and especially savor him! Loved visiting here today!

  2. I find your two words so interesting. They seem interwoven. I think of play as a sort of lingering about while learning and having fun. Savor reminds me of slowing down and being present. May you savor the playful moments this year.

  3. What a beautiful word and I love the way you describe the seasoning in your life ~ visiting today from Faith Barista!