Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Little White Space

The last blog was about my Word for 2014... and interestingly this is a follow up piece on A Little White Space. The Diva's challenge this week is all about zentangles with white space.

Helen at A Little Lime is amazingly good at this and I am in awe of her sensibility of art. 

We planned this getaway for February. In truth, it was planned for 2013 but then Dan & Amelia decided to use the Alberta holiday "Family Day" to get married - and today they've achieved their FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

We are in Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coastline... it is warm and lovely, the sand is a cross between the fluffiest brown sugar and icing sugar. We have the Happy Gang here (3 kids + son-in-law, plus Jason & Justina hurrah!) and it's been a relaxing and wonderfully great gustatory week.

So this quiet condo on the north end of the Quintana Avenue strip is a place of rest, games, laughter, cervezas, tacos (oh my so good!) and white space.

The first is a stylized palm frond...

The second was inspired by the wedding anniversary.

And for good measure - a photo I took with some of the #happygangcsvw at a wee hole in the wall amazingly great taco place. The proprieter asked us to tell everyone how good Tacos El Primo Iñor is - and we unreservedly recommend them!