Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Little White Space

The last blog was about my Word for 2014... and interestingly this is a follow up piece on A Little White Space. The Diva's challenge this week is all about zentangles with white space.

Helen at A Little Lime is amazingly good at this and I am in awe of her sensibility of art. 

We planned this getaway for February. In truth, it was planned for 2013 but then Dan & Amelia decided to use the Alberta holiday "Family Day" to get married - and today they've achieved their FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

We are in Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coastline... it is warm and lovely, the sand is a cross between the fluffiest brown sugar and icing sugar. We have the Happy Gang here (3 kids + son-in-law, plus Jason & Justina hurrah!) and it's been a relaxing and wonderfully great gustatory week.

So this quiet condo on the north end of the Quintana Avenue strip is a place of rest, games, laughter, cervezas, tacos (oh my so good!) and white space.

The first is a stylized palm frond...

The second was inspired by the wedding anniversary.

And for good measure - a photo I took with some of the #happygangcsvw at a wee hole in the wall amazingly great taco place. The proprieter asked us to tell everyone how good Tacos El Primo Iñor is - and we unreservedly recommend them! 


  1. These are beautiful!! Simple, but elegant!

  2. I totally agree with Kathy!!! Enjoy the time with your family.

  3. Lucky you. Enjoy. And, your tangles are beautifully done with just the right amount of space.

  4. All of that sugary sand and whitespace AND authentic ethnic *er, native* cuisine... (...sigh...) Tangle me jealous. Beautiful tiles (and family).

  5. Very nicely done. The palm frond is interesting and your mono tangle is well done.

  6. It looks and sounds like you've had a great time! Both tiles are beautiful and thank you for the mention :) I love the wedding photo, too, so much fun energy!