Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What's for supper?

I call my cookbook "But I JUST Fed Them Yesterday!", and no, that's not a joke.

I am a competent cook. Not a great one, but a good one, with occasional flashes of brilliance. To be really good, I'd have to think about food more, but to be completely honest, food is wonderful when I'm hungry, but not that captivating if I'm sated, which is most of the time. Wine, on the other hand... but that's another post!

Today is a lovely serotinal September day and when I got into my oven-hot car after work, I immediately thought that this was the right day for my favourite hot-day meal: Lemon Spaghetti.

I actually saw this meal made on TV. It might be the only recipe I have from a TV show! But it is perfection on a hot summer evening. We paired it with a Gray Monk Pinot Gris - fruity, slightly effervescent, a beautiful background note to the pasta, fresh lemon, parmesan and the fresh green of basil. If it were colder, I might think of adding a grind or two of fresh pepper, but not on a beautiful hot day like today!

Fresh Lemon Spaghetti

Squeeze about 3 lemons for about 1/2 c fresh juice.
(Zest one of the lemons first)
Finely grate about 2/3c fresh parmesan cheese
Chop about 1/2c fresh basil.

Boil 1 lb (package) of spaghetti or spaghettini according to the directions on the package. Drain and put back into pot.

Drizzle about 1/4c GOOD olive oil over and stir.
Add in lemon juice, parmesan and basil. Stir well. Serve.

Since Matt and Tara and Alex were all here for supper, we barbecued a strip loin steak and cut it into thin strips to add a little protein, and added some sourdough bread.

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