Saturday, 21 September 2013

Have I learned my lesson?

I'm a planner. Ask any of my friends. I'm pretty good at it. 

This weekend was a fun little trip to Calgary, 3 hours south. Friday after work was the PERFECT drive. Sunny, warm, golden fields and trees just turning to autumn colours. I had cobbled together a new "Drive" playlist and the music was LOUD.

I got to the airport, suffered louts at the gas station (2 cut in front of me in line!) and went to pick up my friend, whom I adore. She's everything I'm not - tall (!), always gorgeous, relaxed, and always in the moment (while I'm always looking ahead..). I love how she sees life beautifully. She is a tad disorganized, however, and so I had NO idea what flight (I'd been given a time only... and no, didn't have any more details). In the end I had the wrong time, wrong airline and wrong originating city. 

I wasn't annoyed, but I was a wee bit impatient. 

Here's where the humility comes in. After we finally connected, I realized: I had lost my parking card. So it was $25.20 to pay for the day. Grr. We had a lovely evening talking over supper and watching Brene Brown's TED Talks. Then I lost my hotel room card this morning.

Now I'm home. And I left my laptop power cord AT the hotel! Good grief. I never do these things. So either it's early-onset dementia, OR I'm supposed to learn something. I hope I have. This lack of focus is driving me crazy!

Last night and this morning I finished off the Diva's latest challenge. I LOVE the colours. I love the simplicity of B&W zentangles, but I'm always drawn in by colour. Always. 

I took Diva's and LeeAnn's wonderful suggestions for how to use colour - so I wet the tile and dropped watercolour pigments on top, let it dry and then started the tangling! This has been a wonderful lesson...

Time to shut down the computer (to save power... another friend will return the cord to me tomorrow)


  1. Very beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your story, it made me smile (sorry) :-)

    1. Thanks... I wrote it because it makes me smile too!

  2. Wonderful tiles! Great choice of tangles!

  3. Gorgeous color! And lovely tangling too. If you have colored pencils you can add shading to colored areas.