Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Walk on!

I'm on a hiatus between jobs, and STILL there is very little time to play. I think it must be a personality flaw...

I've been getting lots done though - there was a surprise family wedding photo session in our backyard July 6 (young friends)... only 48 hours notice for 40-ish relatives! But some emergency weeding had everything looking just fine just in time, (THANK you Shantelle and Tara!) and the storms held off, so all was well. 

Yesterday I injured my toe - not too badly but it did require 3 stitches. So I got home, put my foot up and had my wine close by, and a good novel in hand. First time since my last day um, 2 weeks ago... 
(I originally posted this B&W photo and my son didn't notice the bandages; he thought I was being "arty".)

I've taken a slower day today, but it IS mid-evening and I've just finished the Diva's challenge from this week.

She asked us to use a stencil. Now here's the thing. In the distant past, we had a house in Whitehorse (Yukon - think 1898 Gold Rush) and I stencilled stars and flowers and art deco all over. It was amazing (I know, but really it was great). 

This spring we had a boarder arriving, so I cleaned up (!) and I threw out all the old stencils, thinking it was unlikely I would need them. 
Always what happens!
So I kept looking and found a box FULL of Creative Memories art cards. Thumbing through, Calgary and Southern Alberta flood recovery is still on my mind, so the cowboy boot was pulled... Walk on, Albertans!
Patterns I know I used: Shattuck, Huggins, Jonqal, N'zeppel, Finery, Bunzo, Inapod


  1. Lovely boot! I love your choice of tangles. Well done!

  2. Very Cool. And a change in jobs? so great for you, and a forced rest too.

  3. These boots were made for walking........hope your toe feels better. Your boot is very nicely done!

  4. Great sentiment, and great tangled boot!

  5. I am from Texas so that boot is perfect for me! Love it! Speedy recovery.