Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Variations on a theme

The Diva's challenge takes a deceptively simple tangle "Birdie Feet" ... 

What can I do with that?

Learn a few more borders, apparently!

Tangles I know I used: Birdie Feet, Bird on a Wire, Puffle, Assunta/Paizel, Eyelet & Ribbon, Shattuck, Unme


  1. Lovely tile! It´s very fancy.

  2. *giggles*
    At first I had to look for Birdies Feet...

    This one is a funny one!
    (and you used Birds on a wheel as well...)

  3. I too was searching for the birdie feet, til I realized they were the strings for your border patterns. Very, very clever.

  4. Lovely idea! It is very big bird but feets are beautiful.

  5. Great idea. Like your Hollibaugh Birdie Feet and then filling them with other tangles.

  6. Wow, I was surprisedby those beautiful borders that I was wondering where the birdie feet were. And then I saw them as strings for the borders. Great Idea.