Friday, 12 April 2013

all boxed in

This week's challenge from the Diva is to use a box string to form patterns.

To be honest, only having started with Zentangles this at the beginning of this month, a mere 10 days ago or so, I wish I just had time to play and learn the patterns: I'd just sit and do them in order so I could practice, memorize, and get better at them!

Instead, I start by looking at the links and then finding patterns I want to learn to use.
Then, to keep it challenging, I wanted to incorporate initials of Sue and Tim, who are recently engaged. I understand that creating a tangle that has a "right side up" is not quite fitting into the rules (if you look at the first photo posted, you will see that I could turn it around and any side is "right"), but I enjoyed the challenge of working within the requirements of their initials. This one was my second try as the first was too busy. The reason it is so sepia toned is that I used an Instagram filter... and I liked it even better than the black.

I'm off tonight and will give this tangle to Sue at her "giftless" shower... No, I never WAS very good at obeying the rules!


  1. Both are beautiful and the second one is a very special gift.

  2. Looks like fun, Kelly! Do you do this on the computer? Kathy (Hoffman)