Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Are resolutions at all useful?
It’s the second day of the New Year – 2013. It’s been 2 months since I posted on my blog – so typical of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

I lose my voice with SAD. Each day’s struggle becomes a little deeper, a little murkier, a bigger challenge. I have high hopes that my SAD Lights (or as the kids used to call them, my “happy lights”), will stave off the tiredness.

Here’s where I am grateful: SAD is a sliding scale – many in northern regions get the “February blues”. Let’s call that the mild end of the scale. Others at the severe end go on antidepressants. Most winters, I just get tired. My energy is a memory most days. Mornings are hard, afternoons are hard, and sometimes I slip into bed to read around 8 PM. Not so bad, really.

But it’s the New Year and resolutions must be considered and discarded. I’ve decided to pick up three: 
  • Eat out of our freezer and pantry – work down the inventory! (Jocelyn is moving out today, and Amelia is getting married on February 18).
  • Take a daily photo for the year. The best advice I’ve heard is to take lots of photos throughout the day and choose one. Here’s mine for today:

And my comment: "Back to work today after eleven days off. Sometimes I feel like two different people - one at work, and real me." 
  • And, I chose one word for my year. It’s not the word I WANTED to chose, but it’s been staring me in the face and I know it’s the right one. I won’t say what it is JUST yet, but maybe after it has sunk from my brain (I have head knowledge) to my heart and gut, I’ll share.

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