Monday, 29 October 2012

Where is the white space?

We’ve all heard the “busy excuse” – and we know that North Americans constantly use busy-ness as a badge of honour.

I don't know why time is so slippery. Today I had intended to carefully read a friend’s paper while waiting for an appointment. An old friend came over and animatedly talked at me for 30 minutes. He needed to get that stuff out I guess, and it was terrific to see him, but the conversation played havoc with my planning.

Maybe I need to plan to do a little less. 

White space – the idea of being rather than doing. More and more science is showing how necessary white space is for learning and in particular, for creativity.

In theory, I’m all for it. In practice, the worst thing I can think of is a day with only the input of my own brain (no books or podcasts or music or…).

TRUTH moment today: if I DO less I may feel like I AM less.

So how do I (does anyone) move from doing to being when our culture constantly reinforces and applauds action over reflection?

I’ve been challenged to take 5 minutes twice a day for a meditation exercise. Challenged – heck, I was DARED. And I am daring.

But I only promised to aim for once a day. I will “be” for 5 minutes. 

It’s a start.


  1. Love it - put it out there so there's no turning back! Looking forward to hearing more..

  2. Of all the people I know, Kelly, I think you are poised to really break through on this. Because you have always cared more about experiences, about relationships, about helping humanity, than on the semi permanent things like things and status. These last two things are illusions that never bring true and lasting happiness. Now all you need to do is realize, 'hey, I'm darn good at creating quality experiences and quality relationships.' Then maybe you'll relax, and do your 5 minutes of meditation. ; ) - Barb

    1. Thank you Barb for your always insightful and gentle encouragement/ chastisement. I miss our sober/ hilarious chats. Quite a bit! K